The Twickenham Riverside Trust
is a charitable organisation of
local people who care about the
immediate and long-term future
of Twickenham Riverside,
particularly the site now known
as the Diamond Jubilee Gardens.

About us

Twickenham Riverside Trust's
objects are:

•  To preserve, protect and improve, for the
benefit of the public, the riverside and its
environs at Twickenham in the London
Borough of Richmond upon Thames (and
such other areas as the Trustees may from
time to time decide);

•  To provide facilities there for public
recreation and community activities;

•  To advance the education of the public
in the history and environment of the area.


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The Diamond Jubilee Gardens


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A Public Open Space

Getting to the
Diamond Jubilee Gardens


The Trustees

John Reekie  Retired investment analyst
who worked for International Investment
Trust in the City and set up London
Corporate Training which runs courses on
financial management.

Jeremy Hamilton-Miller  Professor emeritus
of medical microbiology at the Royal Free
Hospital. He has helped to raise funds for
a local charity (REIC) and to obtain funding
for refurbishment of the war memorial in
St Mary's churchyard.

Anne Raymond  Retired solicitor, formerly
a partner in a firm of solicitors in Richmond. 

Adrienne Rowe  A former tax inspector
and tax manager of a London practice of
chartered accountants. As the owner of
a popular restaurant in Twickenham she has
considerable experience of event planning.

Edward Davies  A retired insurance loss
adjuster who has investigated very large
financial, commercial, liability and
catastrophe claims worldwide, totalling
several hundreds of millions of dollars and
including the Bhopal Union Carbide gas
disaster. He was executive director of one
of the largest international loss adjusting
companies before founding his own company.

Hugh Brasher  The owner of Sweatshop,
the UK's largest chain of specialist running
shops which employs over 170 full time staff
and has a turnover in excess of £25 million.
He is also the race director of the London
Marathon and of Prudential Ride London.

Sheila Hale  Journalist and author, former
trustee of English National Opera and now
a trustee of an Anglo-American theatre prize
and of Venice in Peril.

Ted Cremin  Works with the world's largest
consulting firm, specialising in outsourcing
services and project management. Ted is also
a keen musician who enjoys organising
performances and events in the Diamond
Jubilee Gardens.

Trustee appointed by the London Borough
of Richmond Upon Thames:

Ishbel Murray Assistant Director of
Environment with responsibility for Property,
Parks, Sport and Fitness, Facilities,
Construction and Maintenance, Cemeteries,
and Health, Safety and Resilience.

Registered office: Minster House, 126a High Street, Whitton TW2 7LL
Company no. 07788702   Charity no. 1147557